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I'm moving out of my parents house this week, into an apartment with a couple that is of my age and education level and likes the same things I like. And they have nice things, like cable and a flatscreen TV and PS3.

And now for something completely relevant

[1] Under what circumstances would you be willing to attempt to assassinate the political leader of your country?

Maybe if it was some kind of evil robot overlord

[2] Who do you think would make a better US president: Hitler or Stalin? (You can't say neither... in this world it's illegal for you to not vote)
Stalin. I personally know less about the horrible attrocities he commited.

[3] If you had to bomb one city, anywhere in the world, which would you pick? (Picking none is not an option for this question.)
Indianapolis. It is the shithole of the world.

[4] Is there ever a good reason for terrorism?
Only when used to combat evil robot overlords.

[5] If there existed an infallible robot of super-human intelligence, would you vote for it as president of the world?
No. All robots are evil and hate mankind, and I will not assist in their plans to take over the world

[6] Under what circumstances would you agree to have your country's army disbanded?
Magical World Peace?

[7] When cloning technology is perfected, do you think war should be fought with clones?
Clones are people too. They just have to pay.

[8] What's more immoral, stealing to feed your children or working for an arms manufacturer?
Arms Manufacturing.

[9] Should there be shame in being on welfare or other forms of state benefits?
Depends on the situation. If you can support yourself but choose not to, then yes.

[10] If you were homeless and could get no help from government, would it be wrong to set up a home (tent/house/whatever) on land protected for environmental reasons? If you did, who would be culpable, you or government?
Yes, and you.

[11] Should people need a license to have children?
There are some people who should not be allowed to breed. Maybe not licenses for all, but maybe life bans for some.

[12] Should anyone ever be forced to have an abortion, and under what circumstances?

[13] Do you think it's fair that rent can be upped if you have pets but not if you have children?

[14] Should corporal punishment, with parental permission, be reintroduced in schools?
Sure, why not.

[15] Given that fast food is more harmful to your health than marijuana, should it be banned?
There should be regulations on it's nutritional value. Selling poison and calling it food should not be allowed.

[16] Do you think it's okay for companies to run drug tests for jobs which don't involve operating heavy or dangerous machinery?

[17] Are people who say they love animals but eat factory farmed meat hypocrites?
No. I may love animals, but that doesn't mean I love all animals ever.

[18] Under what circumstances would you be willing to consume human flesh?
Uhhh. If it was life or death, maybe.

[19] Are all (post-natal) human lives equal in value/worth?
No. The people I care about are worth more than other people.

[20] If communication was developed with an animal sufficient that they could communicate consent, would it be wrong to have consensual sex with the animal?
No. Most animals are completely at the whims of overwhelming hormonal and instrinctual drives. It would be similar to having sex with a child who didn't know any better.

[21] What do you think the age of sexual consent should be?

[22] Do you think porn that contains hyper-realistic depictions of children (modelled, painted, etc) should be legally regarded as the same as real-child porn?
Yeah, sure.

[23] If you had to burn one book, what book would you pick?
Moby Dick

[24] Would you burn a cross whilst dressed in white robes for a million dollars?
Maybe. I do like money.

[25] Should time travel, if it ever becomes a reality, be legal given all the risks it poses to life as we know it?
No. Spinning the Earth backwards would make everyone go flying off into space.

[26] If you had an envelope containing absolute proof of the existence or non-existence of any deity of your choice, would you open it?
No. Faith is defined by a lack of proof.

[27] Should suicide be legal/acceptable for long-term debilitating / emotionally painful incurable mental illnesses? Does your answer to this differ from your answer to the same question with regards to painful, debilitating physical illnesses?
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