Zombie Tony Blair (luth) wrote,
Zombie Tony Blair

Kitty Updates

So I'm mostly moved in now. I took Morte over on monday. As expected, the cat living there wasn't too pleased. They hissed at each other a lot as we forced them to socalize. Morte didn't his at all at first, but when I made him look at the other cat and not just pretend she wasn't there he managed to summon up some courage. Then he ran and hid under the couch.

Now the other cat hids a lot and hisses at everyone.

It's cute, though, the other cat is long haired, white and fluffy and morte is short haired and all black, so it's basically Ceiling Cat vs Basement Cat. My new roommate is convinced that they are having a secret love affair at night and are just putting on airs for the rest of us.

Mortes doing very well, though. He lets my room mate pet him and only spends most of the time hiding under my bed. At night he even comes up on top of the bed and looks out the window. He's such a brave kitty.

He is also thoroughly commited to kicking litter everywhere. Normally with an open litter pan he gets it everywher, but since the new place is carpeted, and the only real place for the pan is my room, I got a cover for it with a little swinging door. Last night he was kicking litter so vigorously that it woke me up, and there is litter all over the floor right outside the little swinging door. I gotta get a dust buster or something.

Work is still pain, but at least the damages from this year's God Storm are all repaired now. We were without power for 8 days, but some people were a good 13. And let me tell you, they were just thrilled about it, but only very rarely called in to let the power company know how they felt.

I've been so stressed out recently that I've started to get migraines when I exert myself. This would be only a mild inconvience if I wasn't moving. And apparently some more embarassing activities count as exertion to my noggin. This might very well cause me to go insane sometime in the near future.

Finally, I have cartoon network back in my life. I know I shouldn't be this wrapped up in television, but getting to watch the Venture Brothers and Home Movies last night made me really happy. It's been more than two years without. Apparently they don't show much anime anymore, which is lame, and for some reason the people who used to make Tom Goes to the Mayor somehow still have jobs. But full Cable on a big flat screen TV makes John happy. God bless roommates with nice things I can leach off of.

And I paid rent last night. I actually live there now, and not in my mother's house anymore. And soon I won't be living out of boxes and suitcases.

Gotta go. DnD tonight.
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